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This is a training that covers competency items in State of Michigan Administrative Rule 400.14201.  It will open your eyes to the regulatory, clinical and business realities of residential care in community settings.  This is developed by a private organization managed by experienced long-term care professionals:  Here are the contents:

AFC- PREP 100: Adult Foster Care as Defined in the Act – Public Act 218: Michigan

100-A: Introduction and Foster Care As Defined in Public Act 218 - Michigan

100-B: Determining if A License is Required

100-C: CPR IN THREE SIMPLE STEPS - A Non-Certification Review

100-D: CPR Supplementary Information

100-E: A Home for the Aged: General Requirements

AFC PREP 101: Working with People: Behavioral Characteristics Associated with Certain Diagnosis

A Review of Certain Common Behaviors Associated with Certain Mental Illnesses and Developmental Disabilities. Knowledge of Needs of Populations.

101-A: Developmental Disability

101-B: Mental Health: Types of Mental Illness

PREP 102: Program and Licensing Requirements – The Physical Plant and Residential Program Development with Effective Fire Safety, Prevention & Disaster Planning

A Thorough Review of Adult Foster Care and Home for the Aged Regulatory, Programmatic and Safety Requirements

102-A: The Actual Home - Physical Plant Items and How CMH Rules May Differ

102-B: The Program Statement

102-C: Other Requirements to be Submitted and Approved Prior to Licensure

102-D: Financial Documents

102-E: License Designee and Administrator Training and Info on Locks

102-F: Sample Adult Foster Care Home Organizational Chart

102-G: Sample Adult Foster Care Home - First Year Budget

102-G (2) Fire Safety in Group Living - Michigan (General Procedural Review)

102-H: Fire Safety in Group Living - Michigan (General Procedural Review) Fire Safety = A Look at Specific Rules

102-I: Fire Safety - A Look at Specific Rules Space Usage

102-J: Space Allocation - Can I Include Adult Day Services in the Home?

PREP 103: Sample New Group Home - Sample Forms

103-A: Appointment of Administrator and Acknowledgement of Authority Sample

103-B: Designation of Responsible Person (To assume control of business if necessary)

103-C: Lease Agreement Sample

PREP 104: Resident/Recipient Rights, Policies, Procedures & Safety - Resident Protection

Includes Personal Care Safety, Resident Protection and Prohibited Practices

104-A: Resident Rights and How to Teach Them to Staff

104-B: Resident Protection – Prohibited Practices

104-C: Prevention and Containment of Communicable Diseases

104-D: Safety and Fire Prevention – Discussion and Review (Covered Twice in the Class)

104-E: Fire Safety Program Emergency Response Program

104-F: Proper Use of Fire Extinguishers

104-G: Extreme Weather & Other Emergencies

104-H: The Emergency Preparedness Kit

AFC PREP 105: Nutrition, Financial & Administrative Management and Important Considerations

Nutrition, Financial Management

105-A: Resident Nutrition - AFC Nutritional Guidelines-Creating Better Health through Proper Nutrition

105-B: Effective Financial and Administrative Management

105-C: General Advice Items for Home Administrators/Licensees

PREP 106: Person Centered Program Planning

106-A: Centering Your Programs Around Each Person

106-B: Actual Goals of this Course

106-C: How to Make Use of Person-Centered Planning

106-D: The Person-Centered Approach Benefits from Everyone’s Contributions

106-E: Arranging and Executing Services for Physically Handicapped and Wheelchair Users

106-F: Arranging and Executing Services for Physically Handicapped and Wheelchair Users

106-G: Arranging and Executing Services for the Traumatically Brain Injured

106-H: Arranging and Executing Services for the Traumatically Brain Injured

AFC PREP 107: Documentation, Records, Logs & Reporting Requirements

Documentation Protocol and What and When to Report and To Whom

107-A: Resident Records

107-B: Documentation Integrity Recommendations & Form Review

107-C: Complete Rule Review for In-Home Reporting

107-D: Documentation and Reporting Review Section

AFC PREP 108: Health Protocol and Medication Administration in Adult Foster Care

The Process and Limitations Associated with Administering Medications

108-A: Introduction to Medication Administration

108-B: Definition of Medications

108-C: How Are Meds to Be Administered?

108-D: Do You Vary How Some Meds are Dealt With?

108-E: What Could Go Wrong?

108-F: Rule 18 Affecting Meds in Adult Foster Care - A Summary

AFC - PREP 109: Prevention & Containment of Communicable Disease-Blood Borne Pathogens

Blood Borne Pathogens and How to Protect Ourselves

Section 109-A: What are Pathogens?

Section 109-B: Important Information on Hepatitis B

Section 109-C: Important Information on HIV/AIDS

Section 109-D: Modes of Transmission and Self-Protection

Section 109-E: Disease Prevention Review


This training series utilizes publicly published rules and statutes to create a competency tool for new adult foster care providers. It is offered by a private entity and is not a governmentally published training.